Love the new peek-a-boo windows in the fuselage! And the accent striping is even better than the original job. Cowlings, wheel pants, nose cone and canard look good as new! And the repair work on the canopy is seamless.

Please pass my compliments on to Marc for his gorgeous handiwork. Really top notch.
— Liese Aufill / Dave Karlsberg
Marc helped me with the pre-buy inspection on my Cozy Mk. IV, and has since done the first condition inspection since I took ownership. When I started researching canards he came well recommended by the people I met in the community, and it quickly became apparent why. He is clearly knowledgable, having worked on or inspected as many of these aircraft as any mechanic. His inspections are thorough and refreshingly honest, helpfully assessing which issues must be addressed right away, versus lesser items that may be postponed until more convenient. He has seen countless upgrades, modifications, and equipment variations in the community, and provides honest opinions on which ones he’s seen work and which “improvements” have turned out to be more trouble than they’re worth.

But the thing I’ve appreciated the most about Marc is his generosity with knowledge. He wants his customers to be experts on their own planes, whether they are the original builders or not, and I learn more about operating and maintaining my plane in every interaction with him. I find it very reassuring to have found Burnside Aerospace, and to know that I can reach out to Marc for help with any questions or issues that come up with my plane.
— Shawn Brenneman
In the summer of 2014 my son and I were looking to by a Cozy MK4 and found Paul Stowitts’ Cozy for sale. We had previously contacted Marc Zeitlin about a different Cozy, and so we talked to him about doing a pre-buy examination of this one. He traveled to the L.A. area and inspected the airplane, giving us a very detailed report of its condition. I appreciate the fact that Marc has not only build his own, but inspected, advised, and worked on many Cozys and EZ’s. We bought the plane based on his report and our other impressions about both the plane and its builder. After we bought it Marc flew it to Tehachapi and gave it its C.I., and did some work on it including resetting the incidence angle of the canard and then test flew it to aft CG. I met Marc in Tehachapi and disassembled the plane for shipping to Hawaii. After we repainted the plane (we knew this was needed before purchase), Marc came to Hawaii to help with assembly, weight and balance, and familiarization flights. We have very much enjoyed working with Marc and will certainly maintain him as both a very competent and knowledgeable Cozy person, and a great human being as well.
— Clayton and Jess Turnbull
After 15 years in a hanger, VariEze N9091A took flight once again. Burnside Aerospace was contracted to install a total electrical, avionics and radio package, finish numerous repairs and updates, perform a thorough condition inspection and complete several test flights. More than 140 specific items were called out and all work was completed in less than 6 weeks! Because of Marc and his team’s attention to detail, fast work, responsiveness to requests, this VariEze has returned to the sky and is ready for another 30 years of reliable service.
— Israel Briggs
I engaged Marc Zeitlin and Burnside Aerospace to perform a pre-buy inspection on a canard aircraft based on Marc’s reputation and experience with canards and composite aircraft. My expectations and requirements were exceeded and I appreciated Marc’s thoroughness and professionalism. I was provided with a detailed report that was concise and itemized squawks in a logical manner categorized by relevance to safety, legality, needing immediate attention, or to be monitored over time. I will not hesitate to use Burnside Aerospace services in the future.
— Craig Westwood
Marc has completed two significant systems upgrade projects on my airplane over the past 18 months - and I must say the strength of his professional reputation has been exceeded only by the actual experience working with him. He’s a self-effacing aerospace rock star with a minimal ego, great patience and ability to communicate engineering concepts to non-engineers, and a willingness to apply his considerable experience and skills to enhance a customer’s decision making process throughout project planning and execution. He listened closely to the parameters of time, budget and operational goals for my projects - a instrument panel steam-gauges-to-glass replacement, and most recently a long range fuel system design and fabrication - successfully creating approaches that met all of them. I would recommend Burnside Aerospace for any of your interesting aerospace projects without reservation.
— Damon Meyer
I called Marc and ask him to thoroughly inspect my Cozy IV and to correct any safety related issues, as well as some to make it more marketable. He came to Atlanta on short notice, did a one day inspection and flew it back to Tehachapi where he did the work. Some repairs were significant, such as canard incidence angle changes and others which just affected flying quality or esthetics.. After repairs, Marc showed the aircraft in Tehachapi to interested buyers I found through Barnstormers and demo’d it with rides. Typical Marc, he disclosed to potential buyers everything about the plane good and bad; just the facts. That is what I wanted any buyer to hear from one who I believe knows more about the Cozy IV than anyone in the country. He was always true to his word and charges were as described at the outset.
— Sam Shelton
I’ve recently purchased a Cozy 3 in the US. Being from Canada, I’ve turned to Marc Zeitlin’s expertise to have the plane inspected, even though the plane was several states away from Marc’s home base of Tehachapi, CA. Marc was actively involved in all the steps along the way, supporting me and advising me on which documents and information to obtain from the seller before we even got to the pre-buy inspection, thus making sure I did not end up paying for inspecting a lame duck. Marc is very knowledgeable about these planes, their pilots and their builders. He will not hesitate to give you his opinion about a plane he knows about, good or bad. Within 48 hours of inspecting the plane, Marc produced a very detailed report which covered all of my concerns. All and all, I was very happy with Marc’s professionalism. I’m planning various upgrades to the plane over the course of the winter and I’m flying the plane from Montreal, Canada to Tehachapi, CA to have Marc work on it. That’s how much I trust Marc’s professionalism and ethics! Oh, I almost forgot… Marc’s rate are very reasonable!
— Eric Deslauriers
I enlisted the services of Burnside Aerospace in performing a pre-purchase examination and transition flights in the Cozy IV I eventually bought. My experience with Marc Zeitlin, the owner, was very positive and I can offer several comments on his services. First his knowledge, expertise and experience with Cozy aircraft gave me great confidence that I was learning what I needed to know about the airplane. Secondly, I have come to trust that Marc makes no compromises when it comes to aircraft safety and an airplane’s condition - I could count on Marc to ‘call it like he sees it’ which I appreciated. Thirdly, Marc demonstrated a level of attention beyond just the aircraft as he addressed issues and concerns that I had relating to my inexperience with aircraft inspection and with my transition training. Finally, Marc was extremely fair and reasonable in the costs for his services.

All this to say that there were many facets to purchasing an airplane like a Cozy IV and I feel fortunate that I had Marc’s help. It gave me the assurance that I was knowledgable about the airplane I was buying, that it was safe and that I was safe flying it. I continue to rely on Marc’s knowledge and advice as I continue to learn about the airplane.
— Roger (recently retired from atmospheric chemistry research)
As a buyer of a second hand RV-6 who does not have any prior homebuilding experience, I was more than a little apprehensive about maintenance on my plane. Marc at Burnside Aerospace not only helped me with my maintenance and inspection responsibilities, but also spent a significant amount of time training me how to do that maintenance myself, properly, in the future. I would absolutely recommend him to any owners or builders of E/AB airplanes.
— James Betker
I recently purchased a used Seawind 3000 amphibious aircraft. I wanted to add some upgrades that I did not have the expertise to do. Some of theses upgrades included fabricating and installing fiberglass exhaust vents on the engine cowl, adding some fins to the aircraft’s sponsons, inserting a window into the bubble canopy, inserting and fabricating NACA cooling scoops and cabin vents as well as some minor fiberglass repairs. It’s a sophisticated aircraft and I did not want just “anybody” to do the work.

I’m not new to aviation. I’ve owned various light light aircraft over the years and in my “other life” I’m a B747 Captain with one of the major airlines. I did some research and Marc’s name came highly recommended, so I flew my aircraft down to Tehachapi CA where he is based.

I will highly recommend Marc. He knows the experimental aircraft world very well. He does great work and more importantly provides excellent communication as to his work and its status. (I live in San Francisco and travel world wide). He has an excellent hangar and very good equipment. His pricing is very fair. I’d get almost daily email reports and /or photos of his work.

I have a few more projects to do on the Seawind and would have Marc do it, the only issue is he lives far away from me. If he were close by, I’d have him do the work next week.
— Allen Low