Burnside Aerospace currently operates locally from Tehachapi, CA. However, due to the magic and ubiquity of the internet, email, instant messaging and good old-fashioned telephones, Burnside Aerospace's engineering and project management  services can be available to you anywhere on the globe. And due to continuing fossil fuel availability in the form of auto fuel, 94UL, 100LL and Jet-A, Burnside Aerospace's Aircraft Homebuilding, Engineering and Project Management services can be available to you locally as well, usually within only one day's travel.

Email is our preferred mode of communication, however a single, terribly overworked telephone operator is standing by to take your calls.


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Burnside Aerospace

23501 Fir Drive
Tehachapi, CA 93561

T (978) 502-5251
E marc_zeitlin@alum.mit.edu