Our Mission

  • Burnside Aerospace strives to provide its customers with the highest quality aircraft homebuilding, engineering, and project management services delivered on-time and under budget.

  • No task is unimportant; no request is deferred - customer success and satisfaction are our only goals.  Fast and efficient production of deliverables are our trademarks.

Company Profile

  • Burnside Aerospace operates in a lean and efficient manner, without the stultifying overhead and costs of some larger engineering consulting firms or aircraft homebuilding services. Using our 37 years of experience in the Mechanical/Aeronautical Design and Mechanical/Aeronautical Project Management fields, as well as 27 years of experience in aircraft homebuilding, Burnside Aerospace can help you achieve your goals in the least time with the highest quality.

  • Burnside Aerospace uses only the most up to date Planning, 3D Solid Modeling and Analysis tools.

  • Marc J. Zeitlin is Burnside Aerospace's principal engineer.  Mr. Zeitlin's bio may be viewed here.