Key Advantages / Capabilities

  • Build Experience: Built two personal flying composite aircraft (Q2 and COZY MKIV)

  • B.S./M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from M.I.T.

  • Flying personal COZY MKIV over 1510 hours - understands homebuilder's needs

  • Design and Project/Program Management Experience (6.5 years) at Scaled Composites

  • Design and Engineering Management Experience (one year) at ICON Aircraft

  • Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Certificate from FAA

  • Repairman’s Certificate from FAA

  • Commercial Pilot Single Engine Aircraft / Instrument Rating / Glider Rating

Aircraft Homebuilding Assistance Services includes, but are not limited to

Experimental Composite / Other Aircraft Pre-Buy or Pre-Sale Examinations (click for more info)

Independent Pre-Buy Examinations for Homebuilt Aircraft, specializing in canard composite aircraft. Do NOT rely on the previous Condition Inspection sign-off by the holder of the Repairman’s Certificate or A&P (even if it was me) as a Pre-Buy Exam!

Experimental Aircraft Condition Inspection (click for more info)

Independent and Owner assisted yearly Condition Inspections for Homebuilt Aircraft

  • Specializing in canard composite aircraft (Varieze, Long-EZ, COZY, Berkut, E-Racer, Velocity, etc.)

  • RV (Van's) Series Aircraft

  • Sonex Series Aircraft

Aircraft Ferry Flights

Move aircraft before/after purchase or shop work to location as specified, within the lower 48 and Canada

Experimental Composite Aircraft Upgrades, Repairs, Modifications

Assistance with structural, aerodynamic, electrical or other systems modifications, upgrades or repairs

  • Instrument Panel Replacement / Upgrades

  • Canard Incidence Angle Changes

  • Fuel Tank Repair

  • Fuel Tank Fabrication

  • Wheel Pants Install/Modification

  • Gear Leg Fairing Installation

  • Brake System replacement

  • Engine Installation

  • Engine Systems Installation

  • Aircraft Re-Wiring

  • Electronic Ignition Installation

  • Any other modification, upgrade or maintenance work

Structural Design / Analysis

Assistance with original designs or design modifications, such as

  • Blended Winglets

  • BRS Parachute installation

Aerodynamic Analysis

Assistance understanding aerodynamic changes / modifications such as

  • Blended Winglets

  • Fuselage Widening / Lengthening

Design Review

  • Review original designs or proposed modifications for completeness, robustness, capability

Current Rates (as of January 1st, 2019)

  • Condition Inspection (standard) - $1100 (up to 11 hours)

  • Condition Inspection (complex) - $1650 (up to 16 hours)

  • Pre-Buy Examination (standard) - $725 (up to 7 hours)

  • Pre-Buy Examination (complex) - $1050 (up to 10 hours)

  • Work Time - $105/hr.

  • Travel Time - $75/hr.

  • Travel Mileage - $0.58/mi.

  • Hangar Fee - $270/mo. (for time over 2 weeks in hangar, pro-rated)

  • Out of pocket expenses / materials billed at cost