Winter, 2018/2019-Re-Fit for Advanced Avionics Suite Testing Long-EZ
Spring/Fall, 2018-Lead Project Fabrication Team Custom E-VTOL Aircraft
Spring, 2018-Full Garmin G3X Panel Install RV-7
Fall, 2017-Repair Landing Gear Tab Failures Long-EZ
Summer, 2017- Full Garmin G3X Panel Install COZY MKIV
Spring/Summer, 2017- Assist With Sale of Two Aircraft Long-EZ
Spring, 2017- Modify Fuel System for Rear Seat AUX Tank Install Long-EZ
Winter, 2016- Repair Landing Gear Mounts COZY III
Spring/Winter, 2016- Assemble / Configure Electric Propulsion System Quickie
Spring/Winter, 2016- Re-assemble / Re-configure / Flight Test Long-EZ
Summer, 2016- Install EFIS Long-EZ
Spring, 2016- Repair Landing Gear Mounts Varieze
Spring, 2016- Re-locate oil cooler Varieze
Winter/Spring, 2016- Complete Firewall / Engine Install / Re-assembly Long-EZ
Winter, 2015- Assist Whittinghill Aerospace with 2nd 27' glider wing fabrication
Winter, 2015- Complete control system / remove fuel system / prepare for electrical motor conversion Q1
Winter, 2015- Install Lightspeed Electronic Ignition / Gear Leg Fairings in Varieze - Test Flights
Fall, 2015- Install EFII Electronic Ignition in Long-EZ
Fall, 2015- Assist Whittinghill Aerospace with 27' glider wing fabrication
Fall, 2015- Install new Pitch Trim System in Varieze
Fall, 2015- Install Lightspeed Plasma III Electronic Ignition, Landing Brake Safety Interlock Circuit in COZY MKIV
Fall, 2015- Install High Performance Rudders, new Master Cylinders, Fuel Level Senders, Landing Light, misc. other work on Long-EZ
Spring/Summer, 2015- Multiple Condition Inspections / Pre-Buy Examinations on COZY, Long-EZ, Varieze amd RV aircraft
Spring, 2015- Complete Rewire / New Instrument Panel in Varieze
Winter, 2014- Perform static load test onVarieze aircraft to failure of left wing
Fall, 2014- Seawind aircraft: Install auxiliary window in canopy, Install air vents in canopy, Reinforce nose gear, Install sponson fins, Repair leaking fuel drain valves, Fabricate new water rudder pushrod
Fall, 2014- Assist Whittinghill Aerospace with air-launched rocket fabrication
Fall, 2014-Fabricate auxiliary fuel tanks for COZY III for extended range
Summer, 2014-Ready COZY MKIV for shipping to Hawaii from CA, Work with owner on shipping preparation
Spring, 2014-Consult with ICON Aircraft on A5 design - write process documentation
Spring, 2014-Assist in flying COZY MKIV from FL to WA after pre-buy examination
Winter, 2014-Design Complete Airplane Parachute installations for Berkut and Long-EZ aircraft - assists with installation on Berkut
Fall/Winter, 2013 -Design Complete Airplane Parachute Installation for Berkut aircraft
Fall/Winter, 2013-Consult with ICON Aircraft on A5 design - performs Electrical Load Analysis and System Safety Analysis
Summer/Fall, 2013- Refurbish Long-EZ ailerons, elevators, fuel system for safety
Summer/Fall, 2013- Rewire COZY III, Upgrades IP with Skyview, Dynon systems
Spring/Summer, 2013- Assist Whittinghill Aerospace with sounding rocket fabrication
March, 2013 -Assist Freeflight Composites with repairs, refurbishment of Velocity/Quickie/Long-EZ/Varieze aircraft
November, 2008-Assist in design/construction/testing of combination inboard/outboard winglets on highly modified E-Racer Aircraft
September, 2008-Assist in design/fabrication of "Blended Winglets" on Long-EZ Aircraft
February, 2008-Assist Southern Utah University with Long-EZ Aircraft student project
May, 2006-Assist in design/construction of first "Blended Winglets" on E-Racer Aircraft
September, 2005-Move to Tehachapi, CA - Marc J. Zeitlin relinquishes Noxilizer position
February, 2005-Provide 3D/2D design/documentation to Radianse
September, 2004 through August, 2005 -Provide documentation control and manufacturing interfacing for Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Telescope program - develops database system for part, drawing, assembly, documentation tracking using Quickbase
June, 2004 -Marc J. Zeitlin appointed acting VP of engineering for Noxilizer
May, 2004 -Provide consulting services for CAD system patent infringement legal case
May, 2004-Marc J. Zeitlin appointed to the Scientific Advisory Board of Noxilizer, a medical/Industrial startup in the Washington, DC region. He will be providing product development guidance and advice.
April, 2004-After a 21 year hiatus, Burnside Aerospace announces a new, invigorated office in Acton, MA. Burnside Aerospace renews its commitment to top-notch Homebuilt Aircraft Assistance, as well as Mechanical / Aeronautical Engineering and Project Management Services, specializing in (but not limited to) the medical, industrial, consumer and homebuilt aircraft fields. With 25 years of engineering experience, Burnside Aerospace commits to bring you the highest quality engineering available.