What you are purchasing from Burnside Aerospace:

Burnside Aerospace will provide the service of examining the aircraft in question at a mutually agreeable location. The examination usually takes 4 - 5 hours at the aircraft and ~2 hours to write up the results afterwards. I strongly recommend that you (the prospective buyer) be present at the examination so that you can be intimately familiar with the aircraft.

After the examination I will provide you with a completed checklist of all the items on the aircraft (approximately 200 - 250 items) that I examined, as well as the results for each item. Any items that did not meet my interpretation of the aircraft's or general FAA specifications/requirements will be written up in a "residual item" list, divided into"Safety Related" "Legal/Documentation Related", "Keep an Eye On" and "other" categories.

You will have exclusive rights to the results of the examination, the checklist and the residual list for 90 days post examination. If you have not purchased the examined aircraft within that 90 day timeframe, I will retain rights to use the information (checklists and residual item list) as I see fit.

What the Pre-Buy Examination costs:

  • Simple Pre-Buy Examination (includes first 7 hours of labor): $725

  • Complex Pre-Buy Examination (includes first 10 hours of labor): $1050

  • Additional Work Time: $105/hr.

  • Travel Time: $75/hr.

  • Travel Distance (my car/aircraft): $0.58/mi.

  • Any and all Other out-of-pocket expenses (airfare, car rental, motel, meals, etc.)

All out-of-pocket travel expenses will require payment when reservations are made. A final invoice for labor and other costs will be sent after the examination occurs. If the aircraft is brought to Tehachapi Municipal Airport (KTSP) for the examination, there will be no travel expenses incurred and I will provide all tools/equipment.

What you should have available prior to the examination:

  • A CLEAN AIRCRAFT - this means engine compartment degreasing, interior vacuuming, wheel area brake dust cleaning, etc.

  • Copies of all AROW documents (Airworthiness Certificate, Registration, FAA Operating Limitations, latest W&B)

  • Copies of all Logbooks (airframe, engine, prop, etc.)

  • Copies of all Builders logs (if available)

  • Full Equipment List for aircraft

  • List of all non-operational components of aircraft

  • List of all areas of aircraft that are known to need repair, refurbishment, or other work

  • List of all applicable AD's/SB's for engine or appliances and compliance status

  • Close up pictures of good and bad features of the aircraft

What we will need to have at the Pre-Buy Examination:

  • Wing Jacks (or ability to put wings up on sawhorses to get the main gear off the ground)

  • Compressed Air (for compression check)

  • Compression Checker - tested and working (I can provide if notified)

  • All tools for disassembly of all cowls / wheel pants / access panels / spark plugs / etc.

  • Electricity

  • Indoor Well Lighted Work Area

  • Borescope (I will provide)

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let me know!